Vision enVert

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GAGNANT du prix de la mise en valeur du PATRIMOINE 2010

Established with a philosophy that favours a low density, high luxury approach to development, Vision enVert is a new age developer that works on only the most unique projects in the greater Montreal area.

Our design partner, Endrée Villeneuve, brings a special touch of esthetics and creativity to our projects, which range from residential developments, to new and restored homes. It is often said that the devil is in the detail, but in our case, the beauty is in the special attention brought to the details beginning with the concept, and ending with the landscape.

To the individual discriminating purchaser, we offer a product which is often incomparable, and always very pleasing to the eye.

To industry professionals, we offer a service with an approach to development, which is uncommon in conceptual presentation, and complete with project management, sourcing, marketing and advertising. In other words, Vision enVert pilots projects from conception to sales.